Dolomite peak is a mountain which is located about 30 minutes north of Lake Louise along the Icefields Parkway.

It's a peak which will probably be missed by most people as they gaze towards the Bow Summit and Crowfoot glacier. However, it's a peak which will capture the attention of any serious scrambler because it offers some of the best scrambling in the book!

My partner for the day was Yuji and after arriving at the trailhead at 9:15am, we met an individual with the ACC who told us that there was a group climb taking place that day. We decided to take off as soon as possible to make it to the top before the group arrived. After all, if there's another thing Dolomite peak was known for, it was its loose rock.


Here's Dolomite peak from the trail.

The ascent route was a little confusing at first but we noticed that the orientation of the peaks resembled that of the guidebook as we progressed along the trail.

The trail eventually dissapeared as we arrived at the gully between peaks 3 and 4. We decided to head up at this point.


Yuji and I decided to ascend the gully all the way to the top.

I'm sure it wasn't the fastest route up because of 12+ rockbands we had to climb but it sure made it entertaining! As an added bonus, the rock was very solid and the footing was very firm as well.


By the time we reached the top of the gully, we probably did more scrambling than the average peak in the book!

Here's Yuji looking at some mountain goats which flew on by across the ledge. Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough with my camera.


As we made progress towards the top, we started to realize that it was getting much harder to identify the peaks.

Luckily for us, we simply continued upwards and noticed a large cairn at the base of a wide gully.


After a quick break, we promptly made our way upwards. The first bit of scrambling was really fun but it was followed by a steep wide gully with lots of loose rock. At that point, we took turns as we made our way towards the col which was just minutes away.


After reaching the col, I took a quick look down the other side and saw this!

F@%$ You too buddy!

Actually, I guess he's pointing towards the opposite direction...


From the col, we followed a cairn and scrambled up some great rock until we made the summit on peak 4 - the highest point on this mountain.

What an incredible view on a beautiful day in September! Bow Lake can be seen to my left while the Wapta icefields can be seen above the cairn.

After a long break at the summit, we finally encountered the ACC group which made its way to the top. At that point, we decided to check out peak 3.


Peak 3 was a lot more interesting than peak 4 because there was no obvious way upwards. I thought it was easy at first as I scrambled up a large crack to the top but the ridge was interrupted by a crack at least 2m wide which required a hairy downclimb or a "Vertical Limit" type of jump to the other side. I did neither as I retreated back down my ascent route.

I eventually made it to the top and took a shot of peak 4. The group of ACC scramblers can be seen at the summit as Mt. Hector looms in the distance.


After returning to the col, we met up with the ACC group which allowed us to descend first as they waited up top.

The descent to the trail was a lot trickier than we expected. We started off by descending a fairly nice scree run in the 3-4 gully until we came to the first major rockband. At that point, we traversed over to the 4-5 gully and descended fine scree and rockbands until we got tired of this and made our way back to 3-4. Either way, we weren't able to find an easy way down and probably spent just as much time descending than ascending!

Either way, this peak definitely makes my top 3 list with its great views and great sustained scrambling. Just make sure you bring a helmet!