Mt. Fable is a mountain which has been on my to-do list for years since it was my last remaining peak in the Canmore/Bow Valley chapter of the scrambles book. But with that being said, I always seemed to come up with a lame excuse whenever I thought about attempting this peak.

The reason for this is same reason a lot of other scramblers leave this peak for last - the approach!

The approach trail for this peak isn't too bad but it's long! Probably around 8km before you even see the trail leading to the col!

Here's Mt. Fable from the parking lot. Yes, it's the tiny little peak sticking out to the left of the tree just left of center.


For this peak, I brought along my partners Yuji and Toru. I'm glad they agreed to come because it would have been a very long walk without their company.

The trail wasn't too bad but all of the bridges which cross Exshaw creek were non existent! This forced us to rock hop the creek around 6 times until we came to a cairn which marked the turn-off towards Mt. Fable.

Here's Mt. Fable in the distance as we make our way up the creek. Yes, it's still a long way there.


Here's our first glimpse of the approach to the col. It's still a long way.

On our way up, we came across a pair of climbers who were forced to bivy overnight during their attempt of the SE ridge. They were the only other individuals we saw on the mountain this day.


Oh yeah, here's another thing Fable is known for - scree!

The scree got worse as we gained in altitude so we decided to traverse to the right and scramble up some slabs to the col.


The route from the col to summit was plastered in snow but wasn't too bad.

We were just lucky that the slabs were free of snow.


Here's some of the terrain higher up. Yuji can be seen waiting near the top of this section.


Here's another shot just below the summit.

It took us maybe 30 minutes from the col so it wasn't too bad.


Finally, here we are on the final summit ridge.

The actual summit is in the distance marked by a metal cross. The traverse was a little tricky due to the snow but at least the wind wasn't too bad.


The summit!

We noticed a chain on the metal cross and thought it'd be connected to a register but it was dangling freely.

The view was amazing. Calgary could be seen to the east while peaks as far as Mt. Temple could be seen to the west.

Unfortunately, we decided to descend immediately after these photos were made. It was already past 3pm and we knew we had maybe 4hrs before it was dark.


Here's a shot of the ridge connecting Fable to a subsidiary peak which eventually leads to Gap Peak and down to Hwy 1A.

I thought about doing the ridge when I climbed Gap Peak a few years ago but decided against it since the walk from Exshaw Creek to Grotto Pond would have been excrutiating.


Here's a final shot of Fable from the creek.

Of the 48 scrambles I've done to date, this peak has got to rival Mt. Rundle as having the longest, most boring approach trail. At least Fable is free of the crowds!